NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080


RTX 4080 Specs



Release Date

November 16, 2022

3D Mark


Power Usage

320 W (TGP)

Video Memory


What is the MSRP of the RTX 4080?

The MSRP of the RTX 4080 is $1199. However, the retail prices may vary due to demand and supply fluctuations.

About the RTX 4080

The RTX 4080 is based on Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture, which is designed to deliver supercharged performance and efficiency for gaming and creating. It features 9,728 CUDA cores, 76 ray tracing cores, 304 tensor cores, and a boost clock of 2.51 GHz. It supports DirectX 12 Ultimate, ray tracing, DLSS 3, and other advanced technologies that enhance the graphics and speed of games and applications. It is the perfect GPU for 4K fully ray-traced gaming, and the most demanding applications of generative AI.

RTX 4080 FPS Benchmarks (1080p)





Cyberpunk 2077


Forza Horizon 5


Guardians of the Galaxy


Metro Exodus



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Pensacola Comps


Verified Purchase

Great Performance++ *Note:Requires new12+4 power plug, or 3 x 8 pin (6+2)

Ran 38127 Passmark at stock clocking's which is just below the 4090 average - great value compared to 4090!

Card is very big and heavy, but comes with an add-on bracket to give it extra support and stability. With the Windforce fans it runs cool and super quiet even when doing medium gaming, Ultra gaming will increase the fans a bit, but it is not too noticeable.

Comes with a PSU adapter cable for 3x8pin to the12+4 power needed for the card, but it is very short and thus not really aesthetically usable. Best to get a new PSU with native 12+4 graphics power.

Rick In STL


Verified Purchase

4k gaming great option, great financing options, had to modify my case to fit

I went and built a future proof (I hope) for a good 10 years. z690/64gb ddr5/i913900k cpu. I was running a 2080ti FE card and decided to make the jump with the excellent 0% promotion on payments option offered. I've been an evga fan but unfortunately they stopped carrying the 4080 series card. This card is a beast in size and weight. I bought a support piece to hold up the card on the end, I can see this card causing significant fatigue on the socket if you don't have one.

So big my phanteks enthroo case would not fit the card and this is a big full ATX case. The design engineers I don't think had any vision a video card could get so big, until you see it in person, these cards are huge. I had to decide with the size and case, return the card because I could not make it fit, get a new case after I spent 150 or so on this case just a few months ago or see if I could modify the metal bracket areas where the card would navigate in. Looking at my options I chose to go into the case, using metal tin snips (scissors that cut metal) and cut about 5" of metal on the back area and then the center support frame. Yes it looks ugly where I made the gaps to allow the case to be installed but when the case is closed up with the panel you would never know through the viewing window.

I have an evga 850w power supply, ran the 3 evga channel connectors to each pigtail for the new connection. The card has been running flawlessly.

I have a 4k gaming monitor so I have a setup that can run things that will push this card. If I didn't have such a big high resolution monitor my 2080 would have still be just fine. I think this card is for people who are running 2k/4k resolution and gaming at that level. Anything less probably the card isn't going to get pushed too hard.

3d mark from a 2080 on my rig went on video from 14,533 on the 2080ti to 28,491 on the 4080.

In world of warships with the highest settings when I ran the 2080 at 4k I was getting around 90-95 fps with the 4080 I'm at 190-200 fps with 4k resolution.

If you are looking to go from a 2080 to 4080, it's double the performance.

When I'm gaming in high res, I don't hear the fans running and I don't seem to notice the room getting hot like some older high performance cards get. I hear no whine, I am grateful for that.

Right now I'd have no hesitation telling someone to buy it if you have the right case and a monitor that will support the 2k/4k resolution. If amzn is offering the 0% financing for 12 or 18 mo, it's not as hard on the wallet and with a 4yr warranty which most other cards are only 3.

Martin Robuschi


Verified Purchase

Fantastic card, but expensive

I needed to replace my 2015 R9 390 8GB so I created a new build. AMD 7800x3d + this card + 240hz monitor. I have an NZXT H7 flow and had to remove the middle metal that hides the cables because this card is huge.

So far 4 months after the card is still amazing. It consumes nothing, runs very cool and fans are usually turned off because of the overkill cooler.

I had doubts about the support that the card has that goes attached to the motherboard but it has been doing the job well and I see no sagging.

In my case, to play 1440p ultra settings, a 4090 was overkill and didn't want to deal with the connector issue. The connector on this card is seated fine and no heating or melting thanks. I only twice I was able to get to the 320W consumption from the card.

Amazing card but very expensive. It would be great for 200USD less or should have 24GB for this price.



Verified Purchase

Upgraded from an RTX 3080 Ti

I finally pulled the trigger on the 40 Series. I kept putting it off because GPU prices seemed out of control, but I started running into situations where my 3080 Ti was dipping below 60fps at 4K/Ultra settings in certain games, which is just a personal standard I use to convince myself I need an upgrade lol.

I was expecting a 30-40% performance boost. What I got was closer to a 50% performance boost while being waaay more power-efficient and damn near silent compared to my 3080 Ti.

I’m not exaggerating…they used the same cooler from their 4090 model on this 4080, which has a much lower TDP than the 4090, so it runs like theres a serial killer in the house and its hiding under the bed trying not to make a sound. I even set a more aggressive fan profile to make the fans ramp up and I could still barely hear it. After an hour of gaming at 4K I checked my temps and saw the highest the card hit during that time was 56C.

Pair all that with DLSS 3 and its AI Frame Generation and you’re getting one really impressive GPU. It’s expensive, but its also incredible.



Verified Purchase

I absolutely love this 4080

I am extremely happy with this Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 4080. It has the exact same cooler that’s on the Gaming OC 4090 so the temps are incredible. While playing any game at 1440p with highest settings, the fans barely ever turn on. When they do turn on, they never ramp up, and they only stay on for about a minute since the cooler is so over engineered. I am glad they did it like this. I have yet to see the temps go above 55° and haven’t seen the hotspot go above 64°

Like I said, it’s huge, in the pictures I posted, you can see how big it looks next to my RTX 3080 Ti, and how big it looks compared to the 24” monitor behind it. The 4080 is a bit taller.

I’ve had lots of different GPU’s and this is my favorite by far. And not just because of the performance, but because of the design, and the ability to control the Gigabyte logo RGB color and the fan RGB color separately. Also because the support bracket that came with it is extremely solid. I checked with a level to see how well it held it up and it was perfectly level. No sag at all. I saw reviews that said the bracket didn’t fit their case or motherboard, but the bracket fit my Gigabyte X670 motherboard just fine.

If you told me I had to think of one thing I didn’t like about this card, I’d say it kind of sucks that the RGB under the fans doesn’t turn on unless the fans are spinning. That isn’t really an issue though because you can set a custom fan curve so that the fans are always or almost always spinning even a little.

So if you’re looking for a 4080, I absolutely recommend this Gigabyte Gaming OC 4080. I like it so much, I will definitely be getting another gigabyte for the Nvidia 50 series GPU’s.



Verified Purchase

This thing is a beast

I’m so happy with my purchase. Paired with a 5300x3D and 16GB of RAM, I can play any game at max ultra settings with all Raytracing enabled, no DLSS or Vsync, at 144fps @ 1080p (BF2042, Satisfactory, Baldur’s Gate 3, other new AAA titles). I’ll be moving to 1440p at some point when I can afford it.